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In Brief


Knowledge and Know-How


Who we are

Parastoo Baharan-e-Shargh Co, based in Tehran/Iran, is composed of a a group of professionals at senior level with experience in Human Resource Management, FMCG, industrial, trade, and service companies and run our business in Iran.

Having lived, studied and worked in Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, and Iran, the great advantage of our group is the combination of  know-how and the cultural familiarity with the habits and the subtleties of our clients. Our multi language services are of essential help to companies and individuals to reach their objectives.

How we work

The ultimate objective of Parastoo Baharan-e-Shargh Co, is to create quality. Parastoo Baharan-e-Shargh Co  has defined as its goal on one side to find for companies those jobseekers who satisfy their needs of know-how, experience and dexterity, and to find for jobseekers companies which offer clear and promising perspectives.  On the other hand and in a broader view, our scope of activities focuses on the field of Human Resources :

( Corporate Strategy, Jobs, Employee Relations, Employment Law, Manpower, Health Safety and Well-being, Learning and Development, Management and Business, Skills, Performance Management, Recruitment, Reward Management, Talent Management)


Our Clients

We are in regular contact with our clients. Our clients consist of world reputed multinational and renowned local companies, contacting us for questions related to Human Resources in its diverse fields.

Precision and Follow-Up

رزومه های ویدئویی


رزومه ویدئویی آینده حرفه استخدامات است، روشی که در آمریکا و اروپا بیشتر و بیشتر مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد

برای اطلاعات بیشتر اینجا کلیک کنید:


رزومه ویدئویی چیست؟


نمونه رزومه ویدئویی که در سایت مشهور مانستر انتشار یافته است-کلیک کنید




One-Stop Shop for All Your Staffing Needs



مشاوره در منابع انسانی

شما هنوز واحد منابع انسانی خود را ایجاد نکرده اید و نیاز به مشاوره دارید.

ما می توانیم راهنمایی های لازم را در اختیار شما قرار دهیم.

از جمله:

-          ایجاد شروح وظایف کارآمد و مرتبط

-          هماهنگی بین واحد ها و جلوگیری از تداخل بین وظایف تعریف شده

-          شناسایی قدرت ها و مهارت های نیروهای شما

-          شناسایی کمبود های مهارتی و نیاز های آموزشی

-          برگزاری ماژول های آموزشی منطبق بر نیاز های شما

-          بررسی افق پیشرفت کاری نیروهای شما و روش های نگهداری درازمدت نیروها در سازمان

برای کسب اطلاعات می توانید با اینجانب، سیامک احمدیان و یا خانم لعیا صدرا تماس حاصل فرمایید.



Phone: 88 45 78 93




What we are strong at


We help you find the right candidates once you have gone all the way yourself and could not find the people you need (Iran)


We provide as well temporary personnel(engineers and technicians)


We give advice on and design Corporate Strategy


We give advice on Employment Law and help you settle Employer-Employee issues 


We offer special courses in Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and, Human Resources


We assess your employees


We carry out special reports on demand 


From Professionals for Professionals

Parastoo Baharan-e-Shargh Co

Holistic Services in Human Resources Management